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Guardkore Push To Talk is an easy to use PTT using Two Way radios, Cellphones and computers, developed for teams that need constant interaction. It can be used by companies that need to be in constant communication with their employees, to give instructions, make comments, report incidents in real time by voice communication or by sending a text message within the application. Guardkore Push to Talk improves work communication and efficiency, reducing communication costs and minimizing communication deterioration.

Easy to use

User friendly interface with channel tree view and simple settings management.

Internet Communication

Working through 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi networks and talk across different countries.

Improved team efficiency

Group chat ability and auto-reconnect feature when Internet connection is lost.

Two-way communication

Listen to messages and talk to the group or privately in a simultaneous way.


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The ability to get more done with a dispersed workforce faster and easier than ever before is what Guardkore -powered PTT is all about. The Guardkore -powered PTT platform is purpose-built to support fast, secure, high quality instant voice communications using 4G, LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks. Users can connect from anywhere and maximize their productivity with unmatched features including: instant group calling, robust contact lists, and call alert to get more done, in less time. Guardkore -powered PTT's Web-based central management tool also enables administrators to wirelessly sync contacts and groups to users' devices in real time.

Why limit yourself? With Guardkore-powered PTT, users have everything they need for seamless communications at their fingertips—fast call set-up, secure, reliable, and consistent performance, ability to talk instantly with individuals and groups using an address book that's centrally administered, and access to the latest network technologies including 4G LTE/HSPA+ and Wi-Fi.


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Dispatcher Console

Manage Dispatched Operations

Manage your entire team more efficiently. The integrated Dispatch Console allows dispatchers to map the location of Guardkore Broadband PTT devices, monitor push-to-talk activity, and record conversations of employees in the field, as well as make PTT calls to a whole talk group, a selected set PTT users, or to just one person. See your workers' locations on the integrated map at a refresh interval you set or on-demnd within the Dispatch Console. Each of your PTT users in the field with a GPS-supportted device is displayed on the map with as a marker. The map provides a convenient way for you to locate workers, initiate PTT calls to a single or a set of selected workers, send alerts, determine the availability status of workers, or even control who displays on the map.

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